Authorized staff

All work done on the products and the systems in which they are or will be installed may only be performed by qualified and authorised staff who have been trained and instructed in all work. The qualification and competence of the qualified staff must correspond to the local regulations and guidelines.

Residual risks

The products, electronic accessories and further system components may present unavoidable residual risks. Therefore, any person working on it must carefully read this document! The following are mandatory:

  • relevant safety regulations and standards
  • generally accepted safety rules
  • EU directives
  • national regulations and safety standards

Example of applicable standards: EN378, EN60204, EN60335, EN ISO14120, ISO5149, IEC60204, IEC60335, ASHRAE 15, NEC, UL standards.

Personal protective equipment

When working on systems and their components: Wear protective work shoes, protective clothing and safety goggles. In addition, wear cold-protective gloves when working on the open refrigeration circuit and on components that may contain refrigerant.

Wear personal protective equipment!
Wear personal protective equipment!

Safety references

Safety references are instructions intended to prevent hazards. They must be stringently observed!

Safety reference to avoid situations which may result in damage to a device or its equipment.

Safety reference to avoid a potentially hazardous situation which may result in minor or moderate injury.

Safety reference to avoid a potentially hazardous situation which could result in death or serious injury.

Safety reference to avoid an imminently hazardous situation which may result in death or serious injury.

In addition to the safety references listed in this document, it is essential to observe the references and residual risks in the respective operating instructions!