Welcome to a new version of the BITZER Software!

What is new in 6.17.5?

R1234ze(E) performance data for CSW105 compressors

Implementation of performance data for CSW105 compressors with the refrigerant R1234ze(E) for condensing temperatures up to 65°C for a maximum evaporating temperature of 25°C. Depending on the point of operation, BSE170 has to be used as oil.

New VARIPACK frequency inverters

The new VARIPACK frequency inverters FMU+6-4 ... FQU+202-4 have been added to the BITZER software. The enclosure class is IP20.

Performance data for ORBIT Boreal compressors with R454B

For ORBIT Boreal compressors, individual 50 Hz performance data can now be calculated with the refrigerant R454B.

Online documents

The following digital HTML document has been added:
  • CT-310-1: Modbus Documentation

What is new in 6.17.4?

Propane/Propene for semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors

The ECOLINE-P Series, designated for propane and propene applications, is now fully available within the BITZER software:
  • 45 compressors
  • 4,06 m³/h .. 151,6 m³/h
  • Single compressor calculation
  • Compound calculation
  • Accessories: horizontal and vertical receivers

Propane for semi-hermetic compact screw compressors

Implementation of the CS-Series for propane (CSHP):
  • 18 compressors
  • 137 m³/h .. 1015 m³/h
  • Single compressor calculation
  • Compound calculation
  • Economizer calculation
  • Accessories: water cooled condensers

Extension of the performance data for the CSW105

New compressors:
  • CSW10583-290
  • CSW10583-360
The CSW105 can now be calculated with the following refrigerants:
  • R134a
  • R450A
  • R513A
  • R1234yf

Extended application limits of CSW10583-290 / CSW10593-360

For motor 4, the application limits for R134a/R450A/R513A/R1234yf have been extended towards lower evaporating temperatures (-15°C):

New calculation method for additional oil cooling regarding OS compressors with R717

The oil injection temperature as well as the discharge gas temperature can be chosen as input parameters for the oil cooler calculation. The following options are available:
  • Specification of oil injection temperature compressor
  • Specification of cooled discharge gas temperature
  • Automatic selection

New UL Approvals

UL Approvals are now available for the following subcritical CO2 Compressors:
  • 4FME-7K
  • 4FME-9K
  • 4EME-9K
  • 4EME-10K
  • 4DME-10K
  • 4TME-20K
  • 4PME-25K
  • 6TME-35K
  • 6PME-40K
  • 4CSL-12K

Online documents

The following digital HTML documents have been added:
  • AT-300-3 (Update): Schematic wiring diagrams for BITZER products
  • AT-330-1: Starting modes for BITZER compressors
Video - Maintenance Instructions:
  • SW-502-1: OS.95: Replacing the shaft seal
  • SW-503-1: OS.95: Replacing the sensor of the slider position indicator (SPI)