Welcome to a new version of the BITZER Software!

What is new in 6.17.0?

Extension of the CO2 Systems

The option of calculating single stage systems has been added to the BITZER Software.
The following systems are now available:
  • Booster System with Flash Gas Bypass
  • Booster System with Parallel Compression
  • Single Stage System with Flash Gas Bypass
  • Single Stage System with Parallel Compression
The user-friendliness of the software in regards to selection of the systems has been improved.

In addition, up to ten compressors can now be calculated per stage.

New ASERCOM certifications

The range of ASERCOM certified CO2 compressors has been extended by the following products:
  • 2EME-4K
  • 2EME-5K
  • 2DME-5K
  • 2DME-7K
  • 6FTE-35K
  • 6DTE-40K
  • 6CTE-50K
  • 6DTE-50K
  • 6FTE-50K

Economiser for HSK95103-320

The ECO calculation for the HSK95103-320 has been implemented for the following refrigerants:
R22 / R404A / R448A / R449A / R507A.

Extended application limits of HSK95103-320

For full load operation, the application limits for R404A / R507A have been extended towards lower evaporating temperatures:

IQ Module CM-RC-01 for ECOLINE compressors

The IQ module CM-RC-01 has been added for the following ECOLINE compressors:
  • 4FES
  • 4EES
  • 4DES
  • 4CES
  • 4BES

New documents online and as pdf

The following digital HTML document has been added:
  • SW-501-1: OS.85: Replacement of the shaft seal