R152a – an alternative to R134a (?)

R152a is very similar to R134a with regard to volumetric refrigerating capacity (approx. -5%), pressure levels (approx. -10%) and energy efficiency. Mass flow, vapour density and thus also the pressure drop are even more favourable (approx. -40%).

R152a has been used for many years as a component in blends, but not as a single substance refrigerant till now. Especially advantageous is the very low global warming potential (GWP = 124).

R152a is flammable – due to its low fluorine content – and classified in safety group A2. As a result, increased safety requirements demand individual design solutions and safety measures along with the corresponding risk analysis.

For this reason, the use of R152a in mobile air conditioning systems for passenger cars (MAC) has not been implemented yet.