Comparison based on component data

Basically, it is possible to compare refrigerants e.g. via the performance data of compressors in the BITZER Software. For this, operating conditions representative for the planned application have to be chosen. Then, comparisons can be made for refrigeration capacity and efficiency values with different refrigerants in the same compressors or different compressor types. But also here, it has to be considered what is stated in the chapter above on the neutral comparison of refrigerants. The chosen operating conditions can have a significant impact on the results.

Additionally, the characteristics of the compressor will impact the result. It is possible that the compressor is not matching the different refrigerants equally well at these conditions, especially if the thermodynamic behaviour of the selected refrigerants differs significantly. When choosing to compare refrigerants based on performance data from compressors of different basic design, like reciprocating, scroll, screw and turbo compressors, the level of optimisation for the chosen operating conditions might be quite different.

Comparing refrigerants via component data is well suited for refrigerant retrofit calculations. It is also well suited for evaluation of the applicability of results from theoretical comparisons via refrigerant properties in real life systems.